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New Project

It's time to move this project from experimental stage to stable. Look to Advanced Linux Sound Architecture for more details.

What's it?

This project is based on Jaroslav Kysela's new low-level driver for the Gravis UltraSound cards. The project is developed in Linux operating system (u*ix clone for i386/AXP/Sparc/...). Most of bellow features is implemented only in new 2.99 devel packages.

Two demos of MIDI music produced by driver and Gravis UltraSound Plug & Play card which use 4MB FILE from AMD with GM & GS instrument set in .WAV format you can found here.

Currently supported Gravis UltraSound cards:

Currently supported systems:

Driver have some unique features:

LIBGUS API library:

Special notice

Files gmfull1m.ff8, gmfull1m.da8, gsfull4m.fff & gsfull4m.dat is licenced by EYE & I Productions. Public distribution of these files isn't allowed!!! If you have one from first Gravis UltraSound Plug & Play cards without gsfull4m.XXX files on included CD-ROM, you can contact Advanced Gravis Technologies for new CD-ROM which contains this soundset...

Future plans


Where can you get the distribution package?

Latest ultra-revision.tgz package you can find at official ultra ftp site:
Czech republic - Ceske Budejovice (Perex's home)
Complete mirrors of ultra ftp site:
Other mirrors:
Czech republic - VSE - Prague
USA - Sunsite
Debian distribution at AeroSpace

Related links

GUSMIX ncurses mixer
ULTRAPLAY/REC program for playing/recording .WAV, .VOC files
XGUSMIX X-Window mixer (Tcl/Tk)
ULTRAMOD UltraMOD (based on MikMak routines)

Linux Ultra Sound Group
Jaroslav Kysela


new driver for the UltraSound cards
libgus - API for new driver
gusmix - mixer which uses ncurses library
vplay/vrec hack (needs to be totaly recoded) - .WAV,.VOC
MUSSERVER for Linux DOOM hack
Andreas Schiffler

spline routines (for stretching samples)
noise channel idea
Andy Lo A Foe

xgusmix - X-Window mixer (use Tcl/Tk libraries)
ultramod - MOD player based on MikMod routines

??? Have you ideas and time for new project ???
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